About us

We seek to live in a visually better world. This approach requires us to practice strategic branding focused on graphic quality that allows us to build brand experience. We want to design human experiences that enrich lives.

Each one of us is a leader in our respective fields. We collaborate with our clients offering an interdisciplinary and pluricultural proposal with a fixed global perspective, developing experiences that benefit people, companies and mainly the brands that we manage.

We take advantage of our experience in strategic branding, retail, editorial design and web, to solve problems taking on complex challenges. We seek not only to satisfy immediate needs, our team seeks to design truly innovative solutions that work now and in the future.

"Our pluricultural vision allows us to create first-class global brands."

Israel López Odicio, CEO & Founder

Build brand

We create brand identities for companies that look for something unique. Large or small clients, with challenging minds that give value to strategy and design, knowing that the differential of a brand is based on generating experiences with its users. At Fishman, everything we do is approached by our curious minds, wanting to solve problems.
Happy people create happy experiences

We have 3 points of contact in the world with many creative brains from different cultures that will be happy to work on your project. No matter where you are, we work remotely to create design projects around the world.


One for all and all for one

Think of us as part of your team instead of a provider. Working together will be an excellent experience where we meet, we communicate, we set goals, we learn from each other and we work as a team.

"The talent wins the games, but teamwork wins the championships"

Michael Jordan

Team Fishman

Our team is made up of passionate people, curious and lovers of strategy and design. We believe in teamwork and continuous exploration. Thanks to the talent of our professionals we have been able to attract clients of all hierarchy, from small businessmen to Ministries of State.

Fishman, building brand experience.

Israel López Odicio

Strategic Director - Founder

Postgraduate in Branding at ELISAVA, Escola Superior de Disseny, Barcelona, ​​Spain. Graduated in the specialties of Coolhuntig Design and Fashion Product Design at LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Graduated from the Faculty of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in the career of Graphic Design. 

Caroline Galewski

Art director - Partner

Master in Branding at ELISAVA, Escola Superior de Disseny, Barcelona, ​​Spain. Bachelor of Communication and Design at Kunstschule Wansbek, Hamburg, Germany.

She worked as a designer at DDB Tribal based in Hamburg, Germany. Designer at SanLucar GmbH in Valencia, Spain.